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Tiered Pricing

I'll level with you, it's pretty common to see blanket per page pricing offered by web designers, but tiered pricing is a gimmick, and is generally inflated and unfair. To agree to a set price before discussing actual content and scope means the client is agreeing to "worst case scenario pricing". A page that is a simple introduction to a business or event is very different than a parts catalog with 30-40 items per page. People like to see prices, I get that, but making someone pay more for something based solely on the number of pages means some people pay more than they should. 

So, let's talk about your project. If it's easy, I'll charge for the actual work I put into your site. If it's a more challenging project, or you're the kind of client that asks for the impossible, "can you make the website smell like chocolate?", I'll still charge you for the work I do, but it will cost more.

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